[:en]In April 2013, I opened a small brewpub on Yomisedori in Tokyo’s Yanaka neighborhood. The original idea was to serve Japanese craft beer, liquors and snacks. Soon I began offering heartier fare in larger portions – and a gastropub was born. Stop by and enjoy a drink by yourself or bring some friends and have fun in leisurely surroundings. Beer Pub Ishii follows in the old tradition of English public houses. It’s a place where people can gather and enjoy each others’ company under one roof. Please drop in for a pint.[:ja]2013年4月、東京・谷中のよみせ通りに小さなビアパブを開きました。
パブは「公共の家」という意味の「Public House」が由来。いろいろな人が集まるお店になれば素敵だな、と思っています。[:]