From Nishi Nippori Station – 5 minutes

From the JR line, exit through the ticket gate, turn left and walk to the building exit. This is the Doukanyama exit. From the Chiyoda line, follow the signs to the Doukanyama exit. As you exit the station you will see a high school on your right. A koban (police station) will be on your left, just beyond a small restaurant. Continue along this street until you see a Sunkus convenience store on your right across the street. Turn left here on Yomise dori (Gate of  Yomise dori will be on the corner in front of you). Walk about 80 meters down Youmise dori and you will see Beer Pub Ishii on your Right.

From Sendagi Station – 6 minutes

Go out through Exit 2. Cross the street at crosswalk in front of the exit. Turn left and walk to the corner (you will be walking by the NTT building). Turn right down this street to where it comes to a T. Turn left. This is Yomise dori. Continue along this street. Beer Pub Ishii is on your Left between “Liquors NODAYA” and “Mother India”.

From Nippori Station – 10 minutes

Go out the north ticket gate, left and exit through the west exit. Walk up the small hill (Yanaka cemetery will be on your left). Continue down that street. You will come to some steps that lead down to the Yanaka Ginza shopping street. Walk down Yanaka Ginza until you come to a T. This is Yomise dori. Turn right. Continue along this street. Landmarks near Beer Pub Ishii will be a small shrine and Nodaya liquor store on the left. Beer Pub Ishii is between “Liquors NODAYA” and “Mother India”.


Yanaka 3-19-5
Taito-ku 110-0001